July 2016 - The Hippie Punk Mom
July 2016 - The Hippie Punk Mom
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July 2016

Each year, the Environmental Working Group puts out a list of the “Dirty Dozen +” and the “Clean 15”.

So what is it? The dirty dozen are the vegetables and fruits that should be at the top of your priority list for purchasing organic. This group came together to analyze data from the US Agriculture department and put together a list of produce that should be at the top of your organic shopping list, and a list of foods that seem to contain minimal pesticides when bought non-organically.  Buying organic is far more expensive, and not everyone will be able to provide an all organic diet to their family. The dirty dozen and clean 15 are here to help you decide what is most important. These dozen (or more) fruits and veggies are likely to have the most pesticides that will enter your body and blood stream through eating them.

One of the things I miss (every once in a while) about eating clean and paleo is candy.  I love to make no- bake balls of yummy goodness to eat. This recipe is a big hit with my entire family and I often bring it as a dessert that I know our family can eat to family gatherings or get togethers. Inside Out Chocolate Nut Butter Balls: 2 cups of all natural almond butter (or any nut/ seed butter of your choice)- we get our fresh ground from our Co-op grocery store, but any all natural almond butter that only contains almonds and salt in the ingredient list will work. 1 cup of mini chocolate chips ( I like Ghirardelli the best). 3/4 cup of raw honey (it can be creamed or liquid- both work great) 1.5 cup of shredded coconut divided (if you don’t like the texture of shredded coconut, you can use coconut flour instead) 2 Tablespoons of Chia Seeds You can also jazz it up with ground spices or essential oils if you’d like. Here are my favorite add ins:  (make sure you are only using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils) 1 drop of Cinnamon Essential Oil 3...

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